Calciworm (Dried)

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Calci worms contain 20 to 40 times more calcium than Dried Mealworms

Calci Worms (also known as Calcium Worms) are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). They are high in protein, energy giving fat, amino acids and incredibly high in calcium.

These dried insects have a positive Calcium to Phosphorous ratio which research has proven promotes increased health of fish These properties also make them an excellent addition to the diet of growing vertebrates such as hedgehogs and chickens!

Calci worms are a versatile and easy way to feed the wildlife in your garden as well as adding to your groundbait or spod mix!

For the birds already visiting you, Calci Worms can simply be added to your regular feeding station. However, to attract new birds we recommend placing a second feeder near where you’ve seen them perch. This gets them used to taking their insects from you.

Please ensure that a good source of water is provided if feeding Calci worms to ensure that the garden birds and Hedgehogs are kept hydrated and healthy. Alternatively, soak the worms overnight before feeding.

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