Mealworm (Dried)

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 Dried Mealworms are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, perfect for adding to groundbait or feeders and also for helping keep your pond fish active and energetic throughout the day! Dried Mealworms are the perfect treat for pond fish, containing large percentages of nutritious protein and fats. Mealworms are a great source to boost energy levels all year round. 

Each individual Dried Mealworm holds around:

53.0% Protein

29.0% Fat,

8.0% Fibre

5.0% Moisture 

5.0% Ash.

Producing the perfect protein-rich, tasty snack. Can be used 1-2 times a day, the dried mealworms will soak on the surface of the water, allowing the fish to grab a quick treat as much as they want.

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