Ready to Roll Base Mix Kits (Just Add Eggs)


All of our base mixes are supplied in resealable buckets. Each bucket contains a full set of instructions which are easy to follow. There are also recommendations, guide lines and tips to help assist the user on the inclusion of liquids etc. Example: natural oils, liquid foods, liquid natural extracts and flavours. 20kg of any of our base mixes when combined with eggs and all the additional liquids will produce 27 to 30kg of quality bait. We can also supply fresh eggs sold in small or large quantities at very competitive prices. Flavours, liquid extracts, liquid foods and natural oils can now be purchased in 100ml, 250ml, 1 litre and 5 litre quantities.

Our 10KG & 20KG base mix orders come with the required amount of complimentary flavour & liquids. Please specify your flavour in the order notes at checkout.

We also offer a bespoke bait rolling service, with a minimum of 10KG order. This gives the angler the option to customise their own baits. Prices range from £80-£120, dependant on base mix, ingredients, natural extracts, liquid foods, flavours, shapes & sizes chosen. Available shapes & sizes are: 14mm & 18mm barrels, 15mm, 18mm & 20mm round, as well as 16mm-only cocoons & grubs. The angler’s customised recipe is saved on file, should you choose to repeat your order, making the ordering process easier. Please enquire in-store for our bait rolling service.

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