C.K.O. (Crab, Krill & Oyster) Cocoon Boilies


Nearly a decade ago, we released our C.K.O Seafood Blend Fish Meal Bait.

Primarily based around oceanic marine products, with the main one being Antarctic Krill Meal, blended into the bait at a high percentage, alongside Enzyme Treated, pre-digested fish meal, L. T94 low temperature fish meal, Seaweed, crunchy Kelp / Fine Seaweed, course crunchy Oyster Shell, Marine Salts, Blended Milk Powders, Full Fat Soya Flour / Micronized Flour and Blended Spices.

The liquid profile of the bait consists of Monster Crab, Antarctic Crab / Shoreline Crab, Krill Hydrolysate, Oyster Extract and Red Salmon Oil.

The bait has a pungent odour due to the combination of liquids used.

The baits natural colour, terracotta Red is achieved with completely natural extracts and ingredients.

This high-quality bait is nutritionally balanced, highly digestible, palatable, highly soluble with a balanced amino acid profile, offering instant attraction.

The baits track record over the years has been nothing short of outstanding, catching thousands of Carp from the UK and Europe, setting quite a few angling records along the way.

This bait has proved to be the number one choice for many anglers for Carp, Barbel and catfish.

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The Bait

Natural colour, sandy red.
Has a good proven track record.
Effective all year round.
Its natural colour washes out slowly.
Produces a powerful food signal (High attraction).
Highly digestible / Nutritionally balanced bait.
Extremely potent odour, due to flavour components.

The Bait Components

Krill meal 7.5%.
LT.94 fish meal.
Pre-digested fish meal.
Blended fish meals.
Oyster shell extract.
Crunchy Kelp / Seaweed extract.
H.N.V milk protein powders (Blended).
Full fat soya flour / micronized flour.
Wheatgerm / Wheat.
Robin Red Spice extract.
Chilli powder (Hot).
Amino acids / Organic compounds.
Egg Albumen / Whole egg powder.

Blended Flavours

Crab / Krill and Oyster.

Liquid Profile

Liquid Krill extract.
Liquid Salmon extract.
Salmon Oil winterised.
Fresh eggs used to roll the bait.

Weight .78 kg

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  1. Carl Wharmby

    Seriously folks, is it possible to get a more complete bait than CKO, it’s got the lot, all the big hitters in a potent but nicely balanced bait. Love this bait

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